Established in 2005, Afghan America Advertising continues to be one of the leading providers of advertising and design services within Afghanistan. Withmore than a decade of experience, our company’s distinct management, operational framework and innovativeness have ensured our constant growth and dependability.

We are proud to give our clients maximum exposure to their consumers/customers through various outdoor advertising solutions including but not limited to:


  Billboards including Trivision and Contravision

  Building Wraps

  Bus and other Transit Adverting

  Digital Printing and Advertising

  Pole signs



Afghan America Advertising provides clients with unique advertising solutions needed to create the best impact across Afghanistan. We offer tailor-made solutions to our clients from initial design concepts to printing and outdoor advertising.

In a market where, other advertising mediums (e.g. radio, newspapers and televisions) are not readily available to the entire consumer base; outdoor advertising provides a more advantageous solution. Not only can mediums such as billboards help organisations reach an audience at a larger scale, but they also allow consumers to have longer exposure to the advertising.Moreover, unlike other media platforms they cannot be turned off or “ad-blocked.”



Business Solutions

At Afghan America Advertising we strongly believe in putting our clients and their needs first. Thus, we provide an extensive, step-by-step design service during which our professional designers are in regular one-on-one contact with a client in order to tailor-make optimum advertising designs that are unique to the client’s requirements. We also regularly review with our clients so that we can identify any concerns or necessary changes that they wish to implement.

Additionally, we offer high quality digital printing to our clients that are comparable with any standards in Europe or the US. Clients can choose from a variety of specifications of printing quality according to their needs and requirements.

Furthermore, clients can choose locations that best suit their needs and Afghan America Advertising will install the poster design(s) and provide maintenance of the billboard(s) for the duration of the contract. We are delighted to also offer Trivision billboard advertising, which enables exposure on automatic rotating multi-piece billboards.

You can find a brief look at our products under section Product Briefing


Customer Service and Support

We place great emphasis on maintaining client satisfaction and happiness. Following this, we have well-trained professionals who assist clients throughout their time with us. Using our vast experience, advertising expertise and market knowledge we can provide innovative solutions to any client need.

Continuous support and provision of necessary maintenance is integral to the support system we give our client. We ensure that all our products are well maintained and undertake all necessary cleaning, repair and maintenance works.

We have different teams for maintenance of our different products. In addition to teams that look after our billboards, we have two proficient teams that specifically take care of maintenance for building wraps as well as a professional team who are responsible for installation and maintenance of Contravision in Kabul and provinces.

Furthermore, we have expert in-house market evaluation team, whose services clients can request at additional cost. Our market evaluation team will keep them regularly updated with market information and analysis regarding information the impact that their advertising has, including traffic/foot counts. We can also outsource the market evaluation to a company of their choosing, thus reducing the hassle that is involved in negotiating with a different company.



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